b.SAFE – a new approach to safety culture

b.SAFE – a new approach to safety education

A new approach to safety culture

We believe that an organisation’s safety culture is created and communicated as much in the training room as it is anywhere else in the organisation. For example, if your safety training is dull and repetitive, that will effect how people will view safety in the organisation. If you want people to be interested in safety, to find it relevant, to engage with it, then your safety training has to be interesting, engaging and relevant too. That’s particularly important if you’re wanting to make the next step change in safety culture – which is cultural.

The b.SAFE approach

b.SAFE Safety Culture is part of Beehive Coaching and Leadership Development Ltd. We’re an organisational development consultancy specialising in behaviour change. This means we’re highly experienced in organisational learning. Our mission is to ‘promote a new approach to safety education’, one that will enable you to take the next step change in safety – which is cultural.

We can offer a unique approach to safety education because:

  • We’re an organisational development consultancy so we look at the organisation as a whole, taking a systemic approach. Which is the only way to change culture
  • We’re experts in organisational learning, so we’re up to date on the best practice in learning and development methodology
  • We use experiential and interactive learning methods, which are the best way to help adults learn
  • We focus on developing skills and changing attitudes and beliefs, not just passing on knowledge because culture change needs a change in mindset, skills and tools at all levels in the organisation

b.SAFE Buzz

The b.SAFE Buzz blog is an opportunity for us to share thoughts and information about safety, safety education and safety culture. We also want to provide a forum for discussion and insight.

This blog also contains ‘b.SAFE Bitesize’, a series of short workshops, webinars, podcasts and videos about safety culture.